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Western education was first introduced to Bhutan during the reign of Ugyen Wangchuck the first hereditary king (1907–1926). In the 1950s several schools supported by the government were established in major district towns. Secondary education was available only in India.
There was a time where some of the primary schools in remote areas had to be closed because of low attendance.
However, today the education sector being one of the prioritized social capital of the country, it has attained soaring height. Besides formal education Bhutan now is at a level of providing its youth, old, underprivileged various level of institutional & Technical colleges, Vocational & Skills training, Continuing and Adult education.
As of 2012, the literacy rate of Bhutan stands at 63 percent with 21 Institutional Colleges, 48 Higher Secondary, 59 Middle Secondary, 93 Lower Secondary and 353 Primary Schools stretched all over nook and corner of Bhutan.  
Majority of the Eleventh Five Year Plan Bugdget has sanctioned to the Education Ministery (Sector) in the first sitting of the Second Parliamentary session.