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Pursuant to Article 5 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan “The government shall ensure that, in order to conserve the country’s natural resources and to prevent degradation of the ecosystem, a minimum of SIXTY percent of Bhutan’s total land shall be maintained under forest cover for all time” attributes the very important of protection of natural environment, conservation of the rich Biodiversity of Bhutan and prevention of all forms of ecological degradations.
Further the much debated and renowned Gross National Happiness philosophy of Bhutan across the glove has Conservation of Environment as one of its four pillars. Having pronounced its importance, the government and the relevant stakeholders are spearheading the Sustainable development taking care of the  environmental ethnics and practices.    

Today, more than 26 percent of the country’s total area is managed as protected areas to preserve the country’s rich biodiversity. 72 percent much above the constitutional requirements of the country is under forest cover, most of it in pristine condition. Forest being the natural resources, one of the basic creeds of the country’s development philosophy is not to exploit it indiscriminately rather following the sustainable use of it.

Today the natural environment has rose its crown becoming significant economic strength to the country, particularly in the field of energy and tourism. National Environment Commission of Bhutan and relevant organizations nurtures, furnishes and implement any related environment ethos.