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Bhutan, a small Himalayan constitutional monarchy that made the transition from absolute monar­chy to parliamentary democracy in March 2008 is one of the world’s smallest and developing Nation. The sovereign Kingdom of Bhutan is located in the Himalayas mountain range fairly sandwiched between the world most populous Nations the People's Republic of China on the north and northwest and the Republic of India on the south, southwest, and east.
Ranked 142nd in the world lies on the geographical coordinates 2730’N 9030’E. The Nation's territory totals an approximate 38394 square kilometers.  Being Landlocked country it doesn’t have any port or marine controls. However Bhutan has a luxuries of nature’s flowing rivers and 60 percent all time forest cover constitutional mandates.
The Himalaya mountain peaks of Bhutan dominate the northern part of the country, where the highest peak is marked at 7,570 meters (Gangkar Puensum) and the lowest being the Drangme chu at 97meters above sea level. Southern part of the country bordering the North India has notable plains.  
Bhutan is divided into 20 Dzongkhag (districts), and further into 205 Gewogs (county).