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Cultural Heritage

 Bhutan’s distinctive culture facilitates the sovereignty of the country and identity to the people. Hence the preservation & promotion of the culture has been accorded a high priority both by the government & People. One of the Gross National Happiness pillars, preservation & promotion of the culture is not only viewed as a resource for establishing the Bhutan’s sovereignty & its identity but also for dampening the Happiness Nation from some of the impacts of modernization.

The isolation of the country from outside world for centuries and its natural terrain are the mere factors Bhutan has adapted to such a unique culture.
The unique diverse culture has built the sense of oneness bringing many together at occasions and giving the way of peaceful harmonization. 
From architectures, art & Crafts, Dresses, languages, Monuments, social beliefs, Festivals, Religion, age old social etiquette to code of conduct are the bounty of cultures that rooted in the Bhutanese society. Its intact integrity has enshrined the cultural values and identity to outside world.
Architecture so much aligned with the landscape is a significant feature of culture. Ranging from small stupas to the giant Fortresses across the Nation with blend of colors, varied styles and sizes are the true buoyant aspects and beauty of the country.
Bhutan textile has gone international. Applaud being heard from specialist, collector and those who got their hands on the Bhutanese touch of makings.
Besides “Dzongkha” National Language of Bhutan there are other dominant languages, Tshangla spoken in eastern, Bumthangkha in Central and Lhoktshamkha or Nepali wide spread in Southern Bhutan. There are also many other dialects differing from one valley to other. English being the medium of education in the country, today most of the Bhutanese are well versed in English.
Buddhism is the spiritual heritage of Bhutan, which promotes the principles and values of peace, non-violence, compassion and tolerance. Hinduism in the country also coexist. Bhutan do not have rigid class or caste system, the people live as “One Nation, One People.” Equal rights and opportunities are endowed to both men and women.
Bhutan witness several no of National Celebrations, district and local festivals through the calendar year. The religious festivals not only contributes the spirituality spirits but also gathers many family, friends and others together.
Globalization and the love of people to sporting has introduced Bhutan into many sports taking some athletes to the much adoring Olympic competition. Modern sports has picked its pacing turn as in other Nations does, especially Football, basketball and many others. However, Bhutan stretches an importance of promoting the indigenous games & sports keeping the traditional sports alive and going. Archery is Bhutan National sport.